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International hiring Fees for 2024

If the selection is successful, we will onboard the intern into our sponsorship system, and *invoice the employer for the appropriate fee. 

What is covered

Talent Acquisition and Selection

We usually get 40 to 60 applicants in one week, depending on the work field. We will shortlist the applicants based on visa eligibility criteria and the job requirements, and send you the best CVs. Interviewing the shortlisted candidates is the employer's; responsibility.

Visa Sponsorship

We are a licensed Tier 5 sponsor and can sponsor any person for any role as long as it follows the eligibility;

Intern's support

We provide culture integration, access to an exchange participants community, finding accommodation, visa assistance (note that we will not submit the visa application on behalf of any party, we will provide the necessary means for the intern to apply for the visa).

Sponsorship Fees

  • Short Term Sponsorships (8 – 12 weeks): £1000 + VAT

  • Medium Term Sponsorships (13 - 26 weeks): £1750 + VAT

  • Long Term Sponsorships (27 – 52 weeks): £2500 + VAT

 Optional Additions:

Express Service** (Next day processing time): £400 + VAT

*Please note that all invoices will be issued to employers, and should be paid by employers. We do not accept payments from interns and interns should not be paying for their own sponsorship. 

**Express Service is subject to availability. If Express Service is requested, the CoS will be issued the next working day after the the application is approved and the intern has completed their onboarding tasks.

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