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Join us on our mission to develop youth leaders

Welcome to the AIESEC Donation Platform, where every contribution becomes a step towards positive impact. We are thrilled to introduce  our Elliot International Opportunities Fund , an initiative started by AIESEC UK Alumni for the purpose of exposing our current members to the wider AIESEC world and equipping them with skills to make themselves and AIESEC UK thrive!

About the Elliot International Opportunities Fund

Launched in June 2023 at our 70th anniversary Gala, the Elliot International Opportunities Fund is an initiative aimed at improving the AIESEC experience of our members by sending them on opportunities abroad. This includes Regional and International conferences, as well as restarting the CEED programme to send them to other AIESEC entities for the summer. These experiences will also give them skills that they can bring back to AIESEC UK!


In the first year of the fund, 22 AIESECers from 10 LCshave benefitted from the Fund:

- 5 LCPs and LCVPs went to Hungary in November for our Regional Presidents Meeting

- 9 LCVPs and LCPs attended EuroXpro in Türkiye in Marcg

- 8 CEEDers are going to Romania, Serbia, Türkiye, Italy and Colombia this summer


This Fund was started by our alumni James Eder and is now co-managed by alumni and the MC. It is named after Andrea Elliot, MCVP oGX 03.04, and created in her memory. 

Join us in our mission to make leadership and cross-cultural understanding accessible to more of our members, while supporting AIESEC UK's growth.

Donate to the CEED programme

Our goal is to send AIESEC members to another AIESC entity to learn from how AIESEC is done there, contribute to summer exchange delivery and experience the culture. In the process, they'll discover a new country, challenge themselves and develop leadership skills.

CEEDers are AIESECers going to another entity to support operations, learn more about AIESEC, and live a cross-cultural experience!

Helps us send AIESECers on Ceedership experiences so that together we can build a better AIESEC UK and develop young leaders. 

Join us in breaking down barriers and opening doors to a world of possibilities. Our fundraising campaign is dedicated to providing AIESEC members with scholarships for the AIESEC CEEDER exchange program. 

With the CEEDERship scholarship, we're empowering young minds to access transformative experiences that foster personal growth.

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