How do I become a member of AIESEC?

The local offices of AIESEC UK do their recruitment at the beginning of the University terms. You can join them at their information session , for more information go to the local office page: Outside of this period go directly to the local office page and contact you local office that will be in touch with you if they are currently taking on new members.

I am international students, can I still apply?

Of course, AIESEC UK has a very diverse membership and welcomes all backgrounds and nationalities to be part of the organisation.

What will I do in the JointoLead programme?

The day to day activities depend from one local office to another. Nevertheless, there are mainly two different project types you will work on, one ensuring the development of your marketing skills and the other one focusing more on the development of you sales skills. You also get the chance to attend national conferences.

What are national conferences?

Conferences are special opportunities for members to network with each other and with leaders in the corporate community. Conference delegates learn about relevant issues to increase their global awareness, gain in-depth leadership, and receive AIESEC-specific training.

- National Partners & Supporters -

Some AIESEC UK Partners - HSBC, Financial Times, GSK, Educate, PWC,

Today, more than 4,000 organizations - from multinationals to small and medium enterprises, non-profits to government bodies and the UN - partner with AIESEC. Want to know more about partnering with or supporting AIESEC? Visit out Partners' Section.