13 Things I Learned As A Woman Travelling Alone In Latin America

Travelling alone as a woman can be daunting. We are told to always be on our guard. I talked with Josie and Emma about their experiences in Latin America while they were traveling there with AIESEC. Here are their top tips:

1. Planning Trip 1. Organising and planning your trip is important. You should plan ahead and know your route. You do not want to end up lost or stranded.

2. Be careful with belongings and money. Do not flaunt your belongings or money. Use a cross body bag with clips or travel packs to keep your belongings and money safe. These methods will stop you from being a victim of theft.

3. Some of Latin America can get cold during the summer. Look at travel guides and pack warmer clothing. Also be sure to prepare for different weather climates that may occur depending on the region.

peter-hershey-257189 (4) 4. The vast majority of people are kind and helpful. Do not judge people before you meet them.

5. Flying in Brazil is very easy. There are flights between all the major cities in Brazil and you can get tickets for a smaller cost than the average train ticket in Britain.

sasha-instagram-com-sanfrancisco-262828 6. There is a familiar aspect to these areas. You can see similarities between Latin America and Europe in some of the architecture in the major cities. Also, there are Spanish, German, and Portuguese influences which can give the place a homey feel while being new and exciting.

7. Women in Brazil face various difficulties due to their genders. Women in poor areas of Brazil are vulnerable to sexual exploitation as prostitutes. This is one of the reasons that the work on NGOs is important and should be supported.

8. Get a SIM card. This will allow you to use google maps to travel around and stay in contact with others.

9. Use common sense and trust your gut instinct. Do not do anything you feel is not safe or that you would not do at home. This will keep you safe.

10. Act confident and stay calm in difficult situations. When you get lost or in a troubling situation do not panic as this will prevent you from finding a way out of it. You also do not want to draw unwanted attention to yourself.

ben-dumond-13825 11. Do not let a country’s reputation stop you from exploring it. You may need to take certain precautions, but there are many good experiences to have.

12. Females do get more attention but it should not stop you from going out and exploring while traveling alone.

christian-joudrey-88399 (1) 13. Being a woman is not much different than in Europe. There are some precautions that you need to take, such as not traveling alone at night more than needed.

There are some amazing things you can learn while traveling alone as well as volunteering abroad. There are so many interesting people you can meet and experiences to have. It can be an incredible experience and worth the time and effort.

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