Why AIESEC and Uniplaces are working together

In 2015, there were 200 million students in higher education. This number was almost 5 times more international students than in 1980. Amongst them, 4.5 million are currently studying abroad, and this number is expected to increase to 8 million by 2025.


Student mobility figures are rising at an impressive pace. At the moment, the new trend encouraged by EU policies and international institutions is to look at new ways to better help student mobility. The EU is willing to support these projects, eager to strengthen forward-looking cooperation on main policy priorities, where all kinds of players are joining forces to make student mobility easier.


This is why AIESEC and Uniplaces are working together – to help international students and young people across Europe fulfill their dream of living abroad.


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AIESEC is the world’s largest student led organisation present in 126 countries with more than 70,000 members worldwide. They provide cross-cultural professional internship and volunteer experiences across the globe to develop the next generation of young leaders through self-driven practical experiences.


Following our shared mission to boost youth mobility and entrepreneurship across the globe, AIESEC and Uniplaces are joining forces on multiple fronts. To begin with, the cooperation involves a special 25% discount for AIESEC members on Uniplaces’ service fee for bookings made through their platform.




Additionally, AIESEC members will be able to participate in the Uniplaces Scholarship contest and win a whole semester’s worth of rent for accommodation during their studies, traineeship, or volunteer experience abroad. To further incentivise the integration of students abroad and kickstart their entrepreneurial projects, Uniplaces has also launched its Academy Ambassadors Program.


These projects reflect our joint efforts to support and empower students around the world. Together, AIESEC and Uniplaces will strive to remove the barriers that prevent and limit student mobility, such as employability, integration, accommodation and more.


In order to better understand and enable youth mobility, AIESEC launched the YouthSpeak Survey last year. The survey is designed to understand what young people care about and how they would like to participate in the issues that matter to them.


Uniplaces and AIESEC both aim to increase the awareness of youth mobility and to create a global Youth Movement, where students feel empowered to speak up for themselves. Together, we invite the young people of Europe to stand up for what they believe the future of youth mobility should be like by filling out the survey.


Insights from the YouthSpeak Survey will be presented to Governments, and Corporate and Civil Society actors, to gain support in implementing concrete projects built for young people, by young people: to improve the world we live in.

For more details, please visit http://youthspeak.aiesec.org/


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AIESEC and Uniplaces commit to supporting each other’s youth mobility programmes in the future, so stay tuned for even more good news!


Daniel Campo, Uniplaces