We are AIESEC, the largest youth-led organization in the world. Today, we are present in 120+ countries, with over 86,000 members and 1,000,000 alumni. Found in the post-war era, we envision “peace and the fulfilment of human potential”.
We are devoted to empower young individuals with vision, thought and leadership. With this in mind, we have been providing international internship and volunteering opportunities. As of 2011, we have successfully provided over 250,000 AIESEC exchanges, and the number is still growing.


AIESEC at the University of Warwick was founded in 1982 as a direct result of the International Congress of that year being held in nearby Coventry. The history of the LC from then until the 1990s is to a great extent unknown. However, it was found out that Warwick hosted NatConf in 1988 and the STP on the Motor Industry in 1989 which was highly recommended as an event by AIESEC International.

In addition, we do know that Seb Spears was LCP in 1994 and he went beyond on to be a part of the Member Committee of the UK in the period 1996/1997. Unfortunately after his departure AIESEC Warwick underwent a period of contraction.

AIESEC Warwick, as a fully functioning and active LC, was ‘re-launched’ in 2001 by Sam Alderson. He was LCP in 2001/2002 and his prime task was recruiting new motivated members to support him and re-establishing AIESEC within the University. Sam’s work resulted in a new multinational Executive Board for the term 2002/2003 and AIESEC Warwick was given a new office in the Business School’s recently built facilities.
Since then, AIESEC Warwick has been thriving. The organisation remains a prestigious society on campus until today, where members seek to continually develop themselves through our various leadership programmes and exchange opportunities.


Timothy Yeo

IMG_1857 copy

LCP (Local Committee President)

Yun Shiuan

IMG_1875 copy

​VP OGV (Vice President Outgoing Global Volunteer)

Yuen Lim

IMG_1950 copy

VP OGT (Vice President Outgoing Global Talent)

Deniz Arikan

IMG_1900 copy

VP MaC (Vice President Marketing and Communications)

Alex Lachkar

IMG_1897 copy

​VP BD (Vice President Business Development)

Azim Mia

IMG_1868 copy

​VP ER (Vice President External Relations)

Jia Hui Tiu

IMG_1871 copy

VP TM (Vice President Talent Management)

Zeba Zaidi

IMG_1876 copy

​TL TM (Team Leader Talent Management)

Janis Kirsfelds

IMG_1961 copy

TL TM (Team Leader Talent Management)

Levina Ma

IMG_1915 copy

AM TM (Assistant Manager Talent Management)

Mariam Kitchlew

IMG_1883 copy

​​VP FIN (Vice President Finance)

Volunteer in a challenging environment…

or …

gain professional development and a first step on your career path in one of 126 countries within our network.

AIESEC offers more than an international experience. AIESEC offers you the most intense learning experience by living and working in a foreign country, nurturing your passions and fighting your fears. Our end-to-end facilitated experience can have you find the right challenge for you, become part of a global community and give you the space to gain real insight into the world around you and where your skill-set fits into that.


Global Volunteer

  • 6 to 8 weeks during summer
  • an international volunteering experience
  • focuses on social issues prominent in their community: Education, Culture, Social Entrepreneurship, Environment, Health
  • immerse yourself in other cultures, connecting with people from all over the world and build a global network

Partner countries

  • Brazil, Colombia, India, Mexico, Egypt, Tanzania, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria and South Africa.


Global Talent

  • 3-18 months work placement/ internship
  • a cross-cultural professional development experience with some of the top companies from around  the world.
  • integrated exchange experience comprised of cultural experiences, professional internships, and a global network
  • make a truly positive impact on people that you are working with and developing yourself as a person and a leader.


  • Marketing and Sales
  • Business administration
  • Information technology


Global Teach

  • 3-18 months paid international teaching placement
  • develop professional skills and a global mindset​

Partner countries: 

  • Colombia, China, Indonesia and Vietnam

Learn how to lead a team, manage large projects and run a local or national organisation along with people all over the world!

Our world today is all about competitiveness in a weakened job market, the third industrial revolution in a digital and fast-changing era and an increased interest and scrutiny towards social issues.

As AIESECers we understand that and we believe these are the perfect times to live in! We step-up to the challenges and shape our future by looking at the world as our playground.

We become career ready by learning relevant skills in a practical environment, by leading our organisation forward and by shaping our experiences. We grow into global minded leaders who use their passion for positive impact. We differentiate ourselves by challenging the status-quo and pushing for lasting societal change.

To increase youth impact in the world, we see that society needs leaders who are entrepreneurial, culturally sensitive, socially responsible and take an active part in their own learning.

AIESEC Warwick recruits members for the Join 2 Lead programme every beginning of the academic year.


Youth To Change 

Youth To Change (Y2C) is the only large-scale conference held in Warwick that has a true focus on leadership and personal development.
It is the most exciting innovation festival that connects students with world changers.
In this hyperconnected and globalised world today, we are facing increasingly complex challenges across different geographic regions, countries and industries. These complex challenges require disruptive and innovative solutions, and our world requires exceptional leadership. AIESEC’s belief is that responsible and entrepreneurial leadership can help us solve many of today’s challenges. Leaders who not only have the capabilities to create impact, but also the values that will guide their ethics and decision-making. We believe in changing the world not only from the outside, but also from the inside through the leaders we develop.

At Y2C, you will have the chance to learn from one of the top 50 most influential individuals in digital finance services in Europe, hear from an international TEDx speaker and host, and engage in a series of interactive workshops. This one day conference offers you an unparalleled opportunity to learn, network and connect with a group of elite speakers, panelists and workshop hosts from a range of industries in a personable and invigorating environment. This is the place where students, entrepreneurs, influencers and world changers meet. 

Global Village

On November 17th 2015, AIESEC Warwick organised Global Village in the Student Union Atrium.

It was the biggest society collaborated food sales on campus to promote culture across the University. A dozen of societies made their food available to us. And performances from different clubs and societies were held.