We are AIESEC, the largest youth-led organization in the world. Today, we are present in 120+ countries, with over 86,000 members and 1,000,000 alumni. Found in the post-war era, we envision “peace and the fulfilment of human potential”.
We are devoted to empower young individuals with vision, thought and leadership. With this in mind, we have been providing international internship and volunteering opportunities. As of 2011, we have successfully provided over 250,000 AIESEC exchanges, and the number is still growing.


AIESEC at the University of Warwick was founded in 1982 as a direct result of the International Congress of that year being held in nearby Coventry. The history of the LC from then until the 1990s is to a great extent unknown. However, it was found out that Warwick hosted NatConf in 1988 and the STP on the Motor Industry in 1989 which was highly recommended as an event by AIESEC International.

In addition, we do know that Seb Spears was LCP in 1994 and he went beyond on to be a part of the Member Committee of the UK in the period 1996/1997. Unfortunately after his departure AIESEC Warwick underwent a period of contraction.

AIESEC Warwick, as a fully functioning and active LC, was ‘re-launched’ in 2001 by Sam Alderson. He was LCP in 2001/2002 and his prime task was recruiting new motivated members to support him and re-establishing AIESEC within the University. Sam’s work resulted in a new multinational Executive Board for the term 2002/2003 and AIESEC Warwick was given a new office in the Business School’s recently built facilities.
Since then, AIESEC Warwick has been thriving. The organisation remains a prestigious society on campus until today, where members seek to continually develop themselves through our various leadership programmes and exchange opportunities.