Top 5 Indonesian Dishes You Should Try

Now most people would agree, you need to try a dish in its country of origin. There is no better form of the dish. Many people will not eat the local versions of their home dishes while they are abroad as they will miss the quality of home. For this reason, tasting the local dishes while you travel is a must. Here are the 5 top dishes critics have recommended for when you travel to Indonesia:

Nasi Goreng – This is said to be the must-try dish in Indonesia. The literal translation is fried rice, so this dish needs very little explanation. This is where Indonesian spices and mix meets traditional Asian style stir–fried cooked rice.
Sate/Satay ayam – These skewers of barbequed chicken are usually served with a peanut sauce. This dish is special as it is considered the national dish of Java, Indonesia. If you ever go there, this is surely a dish to try!

Gado–Gado – Also known as Lotek, this is a dish for anyone who is vegetarian. This dish is a salad of boiled vegetables and peanut sauce. A good way for those who do not eat meat.
Soto Mie/Soto Mee – This is one of the most popular sotos. It is made from chicken or beef usually used in soup, with noodles and spring rolls. For those of you in Jakarta, the stall inside of Mangga Dua serves the best Soto Mie.

Ayam goreng – This is a simpler dish for the less adventurous people. This is fried chicken done with Indonesian frying techniques. For the fried chicken lovers around the world, this is said to be one of the best versions, as it is crisp and moist.
These are just a few of the many delicious dishes found in Indonesia. They would definitely be worth a try if you ever go. Wherever you are travelling, talk to the locals to find out what food is recommended and where to get it. Just be sure to keep an open mind. There are different tastes around the world.

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