10 New Year Resolutions Achieved with AIESEC

IMG_20160729_014228 (1) Too many New Year’s resolutions are made with the best of intentions but never achieved. Here at AIESEC UK, we have found 10 common New Year’s resolutions which can be achieved with AIESEC. So this 2017, it is time to do more than talk and act on your New Year’s resolution.

1. Make an impact on the world. – AIESEC global volunteer projects are aimed to make a difference to local communities around the world as well as for the volunteers who go to help. As these projects are chosen by the local community, you know you are making an important, positive impact on these people. Additionally, since our projects are six to eight weeks, you will get a chance to see the impact of your effort.

2. Gain new skills/knowledge – With our global volunteer projects, you will gain a wealth of new experiences and adventures you can use when you come back home. It gives you transferable skills and knowledge from the projects and the people you meet to help you further your future plans.

3. Travel and see the world – Global volunteer projects allow you to truly experience the country you are working in. You will also have time to travel with other participants while on the project. Additionally, this is a great time for you to travel around, before or after the project, as you will already be in a different part of the world.

4. Meet New Friends – Why not make some international friends? Volunteering projects will allow you to meet people from around the world. This may be people from the local community and other people who came to do the projects.

5. Gain confidence and take chances – These volunteer projects will afford you the opportunity to increase your confidence and build leadership skills. This will be part of your experience as it is one of the main goals of AIESEC to build leadership in youth. Also, this adventure will allow you many opportunities to take chances and see what you can do!

6. Start a book or journal – What better place to start a journal or book than on an adventure of your own? These trips will allow you to have adventure you will want to document. It will be an incredible chance to start a journal or novel for you to look back on once you arrive back home.

7. Become more cultured – A great way of learning about your own culture is to see it from another perspective. Also, this trip will also allow you to experience more cultures.

8. Learn a new language – Not only do these projects give you a chance to be immersed in a sea of native speakers to practice the language, it gives you an incentive to learn the language. By choosing to go to a country which speaks the language, you can give yourself a timeline of how fast you want to try to learn the language.

9. Volunteer – This may seem to fit into other categories, however it can have more complex reasons behind it. This can be a way for people to gain skills but also to allow them to explore what they want to do. This may also be a good choice if they want to choose a career serving and helping others.

10. Learn to be happier in your life – When you see the culture you are trying to help, it will put your own life into a new perspective. It will make you feel more grateful and content in your own life. Hopefully, you can also pass this feeling on to others.

So now is the time to complete more than just your initial resolution. No more excuses! Sign up now to give yourself time to get ready to ensure you get ever item on this list. Turn all that talk into action and realise your New Year resolutions.

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