Millennials – Problem Solved

Millennial leadership is no longer a theoretical issue. 

 One-third of the world’s population today are millennials.

50% of working millennials are already in leadership positions.

44%  of working millennials have only 3-5 years of experience,

but, have 4 or more direct members/employees under them.

Entrepreneurship is still their preferred career path.

70% of respondents want to launch their own organization.

20% want to be a leader at a large organization.

The growth of millennials in today’s world is undeniable and destructively fast. We have seen the need for organizations such as yours to find your foot in this huge vessel of success. The solution is here.

But before you understand how the solution is supposed to help you, let us tell you some important things.

AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-run organization. We are a 70,000 member strong organization across 126 countries and territories in the world, with an experience of more than 65 years in facilitating leadership development experiences by providing professional and volunteer opportunities with organisations around the world.

Today, with the partnership of more than 8000 organisations, we provide more than 40,000 such experiences in a year. PwC, Electrolux, Tata Consultancy Services, DP DHL, International SoS and Husqvarna Group are just some of the names of our Global Partners who have been hiring global talent from AIESEC for many years. Our client-base has organisations ranging from multinational corporations, to start-ups; from NGOs, to schools.

And we just made it easier. We have launched our online portal for organisations to screen through the available talent and have an easier interface with AIESEC’s talent pool.

Providing multi-cultural experiences through professional exchange opportunities with organisations causes the participants to develop certain leadership qualities. We see this kind of experiential leadership development as a key cornerstone in preparing a generation that is needed for leading a better world. And your organisation can enable this!

AIESEC’s Opportunity Portal for all companies and organizations is now open.

This article is taken from AIESEC’s global blog: