Happy Earth Day!

  Happy Earth Day, folks! Today we celebrate our beautiful home planet. This year’s Earth Day is all about the protection of our species, no matter if on land or underwater. This Picture is from 2017, and it´s me, casually walking my elephant. Well, not my elephant, to be frank. But it is one of […] supports AIESEC with Promotional Products

This semester AIESEC has received 2000 printed pens and balloons from to help spread awareness for our cause at the upcoming Fresher’s Fairs. Promotional products are an excellent way of getting our name out there to generate interest amongst potential volunteers. This is a particularly important time for us as September offers the opportunity […]

The Generation Game

Mass media often brand millennials as the avocado toast loving – social media obsessed generation, who aren’t into homebuying or staying in one steady job. But at AIESEC, we believe that millennials are ambitious risk-takers. A generation of forward-thinking individuals who fight for what they believe in and aren’t afraid to question the expected norm, […]

Why should you do an internship?

Today’s job market has become competitive on a global scale. Companies are being more specific with the traits and skills that they look for in candidates. Their lists of requirements have become larger than ever and job seekers are having trouble to meet the demanded criteria. Employers are always looking for candidates with specialised skills […]