Cheap Flights and Where to Find Them

When it comes to booking flights, figuring out where you’re booking the flight can be difficult. Many different websites offer different deals or methods and whatnot, so here’s a quick list of the ones we recommend. If you’re looking for flexibility, skyscanner is the best option. If you’re just wanting to fly somewhere, you […]

How to prepare for an online interview

In an age of developing technology, more and more job applications are handled online. From emailing CVs to online interviews, the process of applying and being employed is increasingly digitized. Online interviews, in particular, are becoming increasingly common as an interviewing tool, as they save on logistics, and are easier to arrange. So, how do […]

How to perfect your CV

  Writing your CV can be a daunting task. You’re basically trying to market yourself to potential employers, be giving an overview of your work history, skill set and accomplishments. But in a super-competitive world, where you’re battling with many others for the job, how can you make your CV stand out amongst others? Write […]

Four things you can learn from being a volunteer

To some, volunteering is seen as “hard work for no gain”, or something similarly dismissive. Whilst you (usually) get no material reward out of volunteering, this is more than compensated for by the intangible benefits. Volunteering opportunities can change lives, both yours and the lives of those you’re helping. You will also gain a plethora […]