AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-led organisation, a global network of over 70,000 active members from 2,400 universities in 126 countries worldwide.

AIESEC in the London School of Economics is proud to be the oldest local committee in the country. Founded in 1953 by Lionel Simons, the independent local committee served as the stepping stone for the formation of AIESEC United Kingdom.

We continue this legacy by offering students from universities in London and beyond the opportunity to engage in self-driven, practical and global AIESEC experiences of development to better themselves and the communities around them.

Youth leadership is not an option, it is our responsibility.

AIESEC develops the leadership potential of young people by engaging them early-on with a values-based environment that shapes their behaviours. We enable them to build a strong foundation of core values as they develop into responsible and entrepreneurial young leaders.

AIESEC was founded in Belgium in 1946 by a handful of commerce and economics students to ‘develop individuals, communities and cooperation through global exchange’ – the students’ response to World War Two and its aftermath. Today, AIESEC has evolved into an extraordinary driving force for global understanding through its international work exchange of students and graduates.

When you put together youth energy, experiential training and development, big responsibilities, and a lot of empowering support – great things happen.

The world is full of complex challenges that need better leadership to address them. Our belief is that responsible and entrepreneurial leadership can help us solve many of today’s challenges. Leaders who not only have the capabilities to create impact, but also the values that will guide their ethics and decision-making.

Our vision begins with changing the world not only from the outside, but from the inside out through the leaders we develop.

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AIESEC in the London School of Economics, Leadership Team 16/17


The Local Committee President serves as the agent of actualisation for the vision of AIESEC United Kingdom on a local committee level. By coordinating all functional teams from a macro perspective, the President ensures that the local committee is working in the right direction with the right focus in mind.


Chris Quan
Local Committee President



Outgoing Exchange drives Global Volunteer, connecting students and recent graduates to volunteering projects across the world. The programme develops global leaders through immersing in a new culture, developing a vast global network, whilst making real social impact. Learn more >

Donna Zhang
Vice President of Outgoing Exchange

Michelle Kan
Outgoing Exchange Team Manager

Vanessa Tang
Outgoing Exchange Team Manager



Incoming Exchange drives Global Talent, AIESEC’s premiere talent sourcing product for leading organisations. The programme brings youth leadership, global perspectives, and functional expertise to provide organisations with a competitive edge when it comes to talent and leadership pipeline. Learn more >

Vicky Sun
Vice President of Incoming Exchange

Ashley Seah
Incoming Exchange Team Manager


Carina Xu
Incoming Exchange Team Manager



External Relations serves a supporting role in promoting brand and product awareness to help achieve organisational goals. The team builds sustainable relationships with students and corporate sponsors to organise events and campaigns that foster exchanges and cultivate the AIESEC Way of “peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential”.

Violet Wong
Vice President of External Relations

Kirk Teh
External Relations Team Manager

Zhihong Zhang
External Relations Team Manager



Talent Management supports all functions in AIESEC by guiding the personal and professional growth of members. The team seeks to create a strong and empowering learning environment that builds confidence, self-awareness and team management skills.

Anabelle Koong
Vice President of Talent Management

Valerie Pui
Talent Management Team Manager

Belinda Hu
Talent Management Team Manager



Finance & Administration is responsible for the balancing of all incomes and expenditures. The team sets targets and goals in building the annual budget, and tracks the progress of each function throughout the year.

Roy Tian
Vice President of Finance & Administration

Linh Pham
Finance Manager


AIESEC develops responsible global leaders by delivering practical, self-led learning experiences to any student who has the drive to reach out for it.

AIESEC in the London School of Economics is proudly sponsored by corporate partners who share and believe in our vision: to create opportunities for growth and contribute significant value to society, for the betterment of communities all around the world.

Gold sponsors:


For over 325 years, Barclays has built a reputation for continually finding new and exciting ways to develop and deepen their relationships with customers and clients. Learn more >


EY is committed to building a better working world. EY helps ambitious clients find new ways to do things. When business works better, the world works better. Learn more >

Silver sponsor:



KPMG has the scale, influence and insight to make a significant, positive contribution to the issues affecting our communities and environments. Learn more >

Empower communities, see the world and experience the adventure of a lifetime through an AIESEC Global Volunteer programme.

Being a part of Global Volunteer is having a network of ambitious and globally-minded young people from all over the world. Our mission is to tackle some of the world’s biggest issues: education, culture, social entrepreneurship, environment and health. You can go on a project ranging between 6-8 weeks in one of our 15 partner countries spread across 4 continents. The volunteering adventures will help you develop life-long friendships and provide experiences to shape you for years to come.

AIESEC believes in changing the world by changing yourself. You can never be 100% ready. But we’re here to support you as you take your first steps out of your comfort zone – and from there you will grow as a role model for others.

Our Global Volunteer programme gives you the chance to become a global leader by immersing yourself in a new culture, developing a vast global network whilst making real social impact. Get started >


These are some of the stories from our past exchange participants:

“On my third day teaching in kindergarten, this little cute girl came to me, giving me hugs and passing me a souvenir and a card with her own drawings on it. It was a simple card, with a sentence that touched the bottom of my heart: Forever Friends from Toni for Gabi. That was the best gift I have ever received in my life, because it taught me the true meaning of friendship.” (Global Volunteer in Bulgaria)

“I witnessed how these talented people become financially sustainable, and helped make a real change in their lives. I was particularly happy about bringing their beautiful handmade crafts online. The exchange helped me to become self aware, especially on my strengths and weaknesses, and developed me into a more solution oriented person, ready to be challenged.” (Global Volunteer in Kenya)

“We only had a week to plan a conference called ‘Connect the World’ from scratch. Although the whole process was challenging, the sense of achievement after looking at the happy faces of delegates was worth it at the end. Some of them even came up and told me how much they enjoyed the conference! Throughout my stay in Taiwan, I have learned so much from my different projects and it was by far the best summer of my life.” (Global Volunteer in Taiwan)

Learn how to lead a team, manage large projects and run a local organisation through an AIESEC Join To Lead programme.

Being a part of AIESEC is like joining a massive community of globally-minded young leaders. People who want to grow their own potential while contributing to something much greater than themselves. We give you immediate responsibilities so you can learn by doing, step outside your comfort zone and experience both success and failures amongst a supportive community. If you’re keen on activating your potential and contributing to a mission that changes the world, then we’re looking for you to be part of our Join To Lead programme. We can’t promise you that it’ll be easy, but it sure will be worth it.

No matter your ambitions, we have a role for you in Join To Lead. The experience of being a team member helps you understand how to solve complex problems, work in a team, developing your people skills and being able to communicate with others. Gain a greater sense of self-awareness your strengths and weaknesses. Realize your unique role and how you contribute to the bigger picture.

The future requires leaders and thinkers who are able to work across different cultures and geographies. Gain the confidence, skills and networks that empower your success. Turn your usual routines into exciting adventures that will take you around the world with a support community of students and young leaders. Challenge yourself and activate your fullest potential.

Being a member of AIESEC isn’t easy, but it is one of the most valuable experiences you can have while still in school. Get started >

These are some of the stories from past AIESEC leaders:

“I have met many like-minded people with diverse backgrounds from all over the UK. We engaged in meaningful conversations and discovered our motivation and passion to make this world a better place. Through this, I have built very strong and invaluable friendships.” (Charlotte, Join To Lead in AIESEC LSE)

“AIESEC enabled me to explore my personal values and ambitions whilst developing my professional skills and networks, giving me the platform for a successful and fulfilling future.” (Peter, Join To Lead in AIESEC Manchester)

“The beauty of AIESEC is that it is all about continuous development in a rapidly changing world. It is about finding what motivates you and letting that guide you as you take on challenges and embrace opportunities.” (Caroline, Join To Lead in AIESEC Durham)

“AIESEC allowed me to build personal connections with mindful and inspiring individuals that enable my personal and professional development. I’ve developed both leadership and cultural understanding that allow me to work with different individuals and achieve results that are valuable for my career.” (Felipe, Join To Lead in AIESEC United Kingdom)

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Over the years, the mission and purpose of AIESEC have attracted praise and support from leaders all around the world. Here’s what they have to say.

Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States: “AIESEC’s dedication to promoting international understanding underscores the importance of working together to gain new perspectives on the cultural, economic, and social issues that shape our world.”

Kofi Annan, 7th Secretary-General of the United Nations: “Since its inception, AIESEC has contributed to the continuing development of the societies in which they live, by serving as an agent of positive change through education and cultural exchange.”

Ratan Tata, Chairman of Tata Sons: “By empowering its members with the necessary skills and understanding of the forces shaping the world, AIESEC creates a powerful group of leaders with a strong sense of social responsibility and a desire to act.”

Vishen Lakhiani, Founder and CEO of Mindvalley: “This is Mindvalley’s secret for hiring great people: A large number of our top talent come from AIESEC. They train young people to be world-centric leaders. And the quality of the people they groom is amazing.”

James Schiro, former CEO of PwC: “PwC and AIESEC, with a common philosophy and view of the future, have worked together for many years. We advise today’s global leaders; they are developing those of the future.”

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