Keep Calm, 2017 is here

After two consecutive long weekends, you probably have recovered from New Year celebrations and hangovers and what not by now! As it kicks in that there’s a new year full of uncertainty, we thought we’ll share with you our top 5 ways to keep calm and make sure you enjoy the new year no matter what. keepcalmaiesec1 Always wanting to explore out of your comfort zone? AIESEC ensures you abandon your own confinements, with youth leaders around you that push you to achieve more. That’s how we develop ourselves. keepcalmaiesec2 Organisations are increasingly looking to innovate, thus are looking for young employees who are bold and ready to capitalise on new opportunities. Global leaders take risks, so why shouldn’t we take risks? keepcalmaiesec3 Developing friendships with people from different cultures will also broaden your understanding and perspective. Enrich your life through connecting with diverse groups. keepcalmaiesec4 Have a meaningful year ahead of you. The world is big, and you never know who can help. Even the smallest action can make the biggest difference. Don’t underestimate how you can impact someone else, and likewise. keepcalmaiesec5 Giving can be as simple as giving joy to others. Beyond self-improvement, true happiness is when you start to share your talents and skills to help others.

Still wondering what exactly is AIESEC?

AIESEC is a youth leadership movement, involving students and recent graduates in over 120 countries. We develop globally responsible leaders through delivering cross-cultural exchanges.

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