International Students must consider these 3 things to find the right graduate job

There is a major problem with how internationals students find and apply to post graduate positions in the UK. They all take the blindfolded approach to their job searching and end up getting disappointed. Have you experienced or heard of other international students applying to positions, to only then have their application rejected during the recruitment process as they are not eligible for sponsorship?

I’ll explain how you should approach this situation. An intelligent approach I recommend a simple yet effective approach which helps to filter out the less relevant gradate schemes.

A short acronym called DLS:

D – Duration

L – Location

S – Salary


Every graduate scheme / internship has a different length of time that it will last for. Some range from a few weeks, to 6 months, and up to 2 years +. What is your goal? Ideally how long would you like to work in the UK and gain work experience? The clearer the picture is in your mind, the easier it will be to find the right position. If you are interested in a longer termed position with the possibility of a permanent stay then a job under the tier 2 general visa is the best route. If you are planning to make your CV more attractive and take some work experience gained in the UK back to your home country, or any other country, then an internship under the tier 5 GAE visa scheme is your best option.


When it comes to Location the most popular destination to work in any country is its capital, and London is no different. A research company called High Flyers Research Limited examined where employers expect to recruit graduates for 2015/2016 and found that four-fifths of organisations were offering vacancies in London. Almost half of them plan to hire new recruits for positions in the south east of England. You need to think about:

Where am I currently based now?

Am I willing to move if the majority of positions are based in London?

Can I afford moving?

However, with all the above, you should not limit your options as the majority of the larger UK organisations will have positions nationwide.0 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 Remember the main goal is to gain work experience on your CV from the UK. Being flexible with the location will benefit you in the long term.


The salary is important and is something that many International students don’t think about during the application process. Remember that a job under the tier 2 visa will pay a minimum of £20,500 and under the tier 5 it must at least fall in line with the national minimum wage or £15,000 if in London. Make sure you read the vacancy carefully and take note of the salary details. For more information about finding sponsored graduate positions you can read more here