How Young Leaders Can Take #ClimateAction


Climate change affects everything. Not just humans but all life on Earth. Not just today but tomorrow.

Many of us agree that the battle against this global crisis will determine what future generations get from the planet. This is why I believe that young people should play a part in securing the world that they will grow up in. It seems like a major challenge for the youth, but for now, it is important that we get started. It is crucial for us to take #ClimateAction right now so that we could also inspire future generations to do the same. If enough generations do so, we may stand a chance of saving our planet.

But for that to happen, we first need to step up as leaders. How do we do that in the context of climate change?

Iberdrola AIESEC

Volunteer more and learn about the issue

The best way to understand the issue at hand is to work with experts and organizations and actively work towards conquering it.

Iberdrola – one of the largest electric utilities in the world and a leader in clean energy – is an example of an organisation that is committed to stopping climate change and are looking for volunteers to work with. Through the Global Volunteer program of AIESEC, you have the opportunity to be one of five young leaders from the UK to volunteer on a Climate Action Project in Costa Rica, Brazil and Colombia this winter. This 6-week project is a golden opportunity, sponsored by Iberdrola, to develop yourself as a leader while making a difference.

Not only will you learn more about climate change, but it may also give you the inspiration and creativity to start your own movement or social enterprise where you can set out to change the world.

Wind Farm AIESEC Climate

Act sustainably and inspire others to do the same “Be the change you wish to see in the world”– Mahatma Gandhi

#ClimateAction does not just have to be about making the big decisions like volunteering. It can also be about having a sustainable lifestyle that does as little damage as possible.

So before you set out to save the world, make sure that you are acting in the way that you want everyone else to act. Be energy efficient – switch off any lights where you do not need it and unplug any electronic devices that you are not currently using. Switch to renewable power, such as wind. Grow your own food. Reduce your carbon footprint – trying cycling to university rather than taking a bus.

If you do this on your own, it may not be sufficient. However, it is necessary if you aim to encourage others to behave in an efficient and careful way. Because action inspires more action, so your own contribution towards solving climate change will not go unnoticed.

Change Climate AIESEC Starting movements and uniting the world

97% of climate scientists in the world agree that human activity’s impact on global warming is significant. The majority of people believe that climate change is a serious problem. So the difficult part is not convincing anyone to think anything or even coming up with an idea to solve it; it is convincing anyone to take action. In a world where such a serious topic is treated with apathy and lack of urgency, this takes much more than just expertise – it takes movements.

The Internet makes it easy to start a movement: simply go to a website such as and create a petition that is specific and have a clear and ambitious idea of success. However, what it takes for a movement to be successful is to find people to carry it further. This is where the strength of the youth appears.

Young people have this quality that it should not be underestimated: the ability to generate passion and emotive content. As the content creators and communicators of our society, the youth continuously practice the ability to make themselves heard and understood by the rest of the world. If you can use this power to reach out to others and unite the world together for a common purpose, you have started a movement.

matheus-ferrero-228716 The fight against climate change is a global one. It is a fight for a better world. But to completely eradicate climate change and its impacts will require a series of ambitious goals and ambitious young leaders that take #ClimateAction in the smallest and largest of ways.

Whether it is a small lifestyle change or a volunteering experience, no contribution is too small. All that matters is that we start.

It’s your chance to make a change 🌳. To find out more and register click here