How to Stay Positive

Staying at home during this crisis can be challenging for all of us, but as humans we have the instinct to adapt to different circumstances, so in this article we will go through certain tips and ways on how to stay positive and keep our mental health stable. The situation we’re facing is unprecedented and it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed and anxious. Like any situation, there is a silver lining as we stay at home, we now have a lot of time to do things that we couldn’t do before, we can use this time to meditate and self-reflect, or develop new habits. It doesn’t have to be big sweeping changes, just little ones that you can do that will really help keep you busy and boost your mood. An often overlooked luxury is the time we can spend sharing meals with our family because we’re always busy doing school work, org work, or just surfing the online. Sometimes, we’d rather eat alone with our laptop or phones watching videos on Youtube or Netflix, now is the perfect opportunity to make time for family and bond with them. Next, avoid constantly checking the news for updates on the virus. This can be overwhelming and make us feel more anxious. We have to make sure that the sources we do check are verified and trustworthy, like the BBC or CNN. Thirdly, focus on staying active, It doesn’t have to be too extreme, Walk around the block (if possible), download workout apps, and go outside to get some fresh air. These can help bolster your mood and help lessen the feeling of being stuck. Fourthly, minimise your presence and exposure to social media. We have limits to how much information we can take in before it starts to negatively affect our mood. It’s fun to look at funny videos and memes but we have to remember to occasionally close these apps and spend some time with family or friends. Let’s video chat with those we can’t be with right now. Fifthly, adopt new lifestyle changes that you’ve been wanting to do for a while, read that book that’s been sitting in the to-be-read pile for months . Let’s cook healthy food for ourselves and maybe even for our families. Take online courses, a lot of which are free or available for discount during this time. Dive into that skill that you’ve wanted to learn for so long. These will have an enormous impact given enough time. Finally, we’re going through this hard time together, we’re not asked to do much but stay at home until we’ve flattened the curve, it’s easy to feel restless and down, and it’s okay to feel this way. Take a breath, relax, and remember that everything will be there once the quarantines and lockdowns are lifted. Be mindful of how you’re feeling and plan your day accordingly. We can use this experience to better ourselves, while still taking the time to have fun taking care of your mental health which is the most important part.  

“Out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope” 

Martin Luther King Jr.