How to prepare for an online interview

In an age of developing technology, more and more job applications are handled online. From emailing CVs to online interviews, the process of applying and being employed is increasingly digitized. Online interviews, in particular, are becoming increasingly common as an interviewing tool, as they save on logistics, and are easier to arrange. So, how do you prepare for an online interview?
  1. Dress Properly Even though they won’t be seeing you in person, you should still try to dress properly, all the way down. In a way, it’s demonstrating to yourself that you’re willing to fully commit, which is already a good look. That, and dressing sharply can boost your confidence.
  2. Location When having the interview, you don’t want your face to be subject to unfortunate lighting, or to have wind or the chatter of others in the background. Try to find a quiet and well-lit location for your call. You can always test the lighting by using your camera.
  3. Equipment If you have poor equipment, such as bad earphones or an old mic, your interview will not go very well. In order to assure that you will be heard, and you can hear your interviewer, try to get good tech. It doesn’t have to be absolute top-of-the-range surround sound or whatnot, you just have to have clear sound.
  4. Technical difficulties In a not-completely-unrelated vein, you should be prepared for possible disturbances. The internet may drop, power may go out, or the video signal might be weakened on the interviewer’s side. Try to have some form of contingency in place should something beyond your control go wrong. Interviews are generally sympathetic to technical disturbances, partly because they’re not completely immune to them either.
  5. Go silent Just before your interview starts, you should have anything that could cause a distraction turned off and/or put away. Most obviously is your phone, unless the interviewing app is mobile-based.
  6. Normal interview, extra steps Remember that it is still a 1-1 interview. It’ll be the same questions, same body language, same tone of voice and whatnot. Just because you’re communicating via a camera doesn’t mean you should skip other preparations. Prepare like you would for an in-person interview!
Good luck for everyone on their upcoming interviews. You got this!