How to perfect your CV

  Writing your CV can be a daunting task. You’re basically trying to market yourself to potential employers, be giving an overview of your work history, skill set and accomplishments. But in a super-competitive world, where you’re battling with many others for the job, how can you make your CV stand out amongst others?
  1. Write a personal statement Whilst this is not a “necessary” aspect of a good CV, writing a short statement can grab your employers attention from the word go. It’ll also allow you to show off what your personal qualities are early, which gives the employer something to look for when reading your CV. You have to be careful with this, as a CV is supposed to be short (2 sides of A4 at most).
  2. Tailor-made CV Harsh as it may sound, your CV isn’t universal. With different employers having different expectations, they’ll have wildly different standards on what constitutes a “good CV”. Therefore, you may have to constantly rewrite your CV to match what your current employer-to-be is looking for. Change the emphasis on different skills, choose between discussing skills versus work experience, talk more about your hobbies or your education. You can edit your CV to suit different employers.
  3. Fill the Gaps Having gaps in your work history can be damning in its own right. Employers don’t like seeing large periods of time in between different jobs. Whilst this is arguably unfair (not everyone can go between jobs at a moment’s notice, and circumstances can prevent jobs and the like), you should still aim to keep obvious gaps to a minimum. This can be as simple as giving a good justification, or a brief explanation of circumstance.
  4. Presentation! The formatting and style of a CV are just as important as what is actually written in it. Easy as it is to forget, employers are human, and when they’re looking at your CV, they’ll reject it if it’s hard to read. Make the chronology clear, the font easily read and the sections clear. That way, they’ll properly look through it instead of giving it a glance and a “no”.