How to be more Productive (Quarantine Edition)

It is true that most of the world has been put on hold these days. This sudden change in our daily routines may have caused most of us to feel less motivated and that is normal. It is okay if you have been finding it difficult to stay on top of your work during this time. And if you are working from home or you are a student now studying at home, here are some productivity tips that can help you feel more motivated, stay organized and manage your time well.
Have an efficient morning routine:
When we wake up, the first thing we tend to do is open our phones and check social media. This can leave us scrolling through social media for hours without noticing. Instead, start your mornings as if you were going to work or school. If you’re working from home, try to keep your schedule similar to what is was before the quarantine, like setting an alarm to wake up at your usual time. Do the same routine and start your morning with a nutritious breakfast that can provide you with the energy you need to conquer the day. It can be followed by a short workout, yoga or meditation session to clear your mind and get you more awake and focused. Since you are at home, you may have been wearing pyjamas all day. Instead, try to change into your work outfit. This helps create the momentum you need to start your morning.
Goal setting is key:
Setting concrete goals is a crucial step to make the progress you need. Also, writing these goals down while organising them according to your priorities can help you work toward them as they will be more visual to you. Use a journal or a notebook to organise your weekly and daily goals and to keep track of your progress. You can write down your weekly goals once a week, or your goals for the day the night before. Using different colours to write these down can help you separate them, making it more visual and helping with mental clarity. Another thing you can do is to include the “why” in your journal. Stating the reasons you want to achieve each goal will act as reminder for you, whenever you feel less motivated and to keep you focused. Some people also use boards to put daily goals where they will be visible to them throughout the day. At the end of each day, don’t forget to look back on the things you did and didn’t do and reflect on what you learned or what kept you from achieving some of your goals. This helps you improve the way you will plan your goals for the upcoming days and reflect on your strengths and weaknesses.
Use positive reinforcement:
Always reward yourself at the end of everyday, no matter what you accomplish; it is positive reinforcement for your self that helps you stay motivated. Make the reward something you enjoy, like preparing your favorite meal or watching your favorite show. If you don’t accomplish some goals, however, don’t feel guilty or feel the need to punish yourself but rather try to reflect on the reasons that kept you from taking action and work on overcoming them. Don’t expect to be productive right from the start. It is okay if you feel like your day has not been fruitful. Try to improve your productivity day by day. If you are finding it hard to focus while working, try to organise your work space. A minimalistic desk facing a blank wall would do the trick and keep you from getting distracted. And remember to not put too much pressure on yourself if you are losing your concentration, it is okay to take time off and do something that helps your recharge like yoga, meditation or even taking a nap or listening to music. Even if your don’t have any work to do and you still want to feel productive, you can do some activities like working out, cooking, learning a new skill, taking an online course or just practicing a hobby you enjoy. The trick is to create a routine of positive productive habits that you do every day to guarantee an efficient day. Also, remember to always stay hydrated and end your day with a warm shower to relax your muscles, ease your mind and prepare you for your next productive day. Finally, productivity is an individual¬† scale and it is practiced essentially through self-care. Therefore, it is important not to view productivity as a competition but rather as an opportunity to take care of yourself, whatever that looks like to you. And to remember that your wellbeing and that of those around you is a priority.