How AIESEC Works with Partners

AIESEC’s originating mission was to promote friendly relations among member countries, with a focus on business, management, economics, and commerce. Today, our original purpose of cooperating with partners to promote cultural understanding is still a core part of what we do. And after being around for almost 70 years, we work with some pretty cool partners. Here are four of the 9,000+ partner organizations we work with, around the world:


AIESEC United Nation s United Nations: The UN, as you probably know it, was established around the same time AIESEC was. With an original mission of maintaining international peace and developing friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights, it’s always just made sense to collaborate. Currently, in the official language, AIESEC is in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), affiliated with the UN DPI, member of ICMYO, and is recognized by UNESCO.  In human speak, we’re recognized as a valuable partner who takes action on things like the Sustainable Development Goals, by putting young people on the ground who move the world forward in a tangible, measurable way, like teaching English or human rights.


PWC AIESEC Pricewaterhouse Coopers: The second largest business services firm in the world, PwC, has worked with AIESEC since 1973. They mentor our members, and we provide them with youth-insights and internationally-minded talent. It also probably helps that tons of our members go on to get to work for PwC when they graduate from Uni.


AIESEC Partners BMI: One of our local partners, BMI, specializes in international student recruitment. And believe it or not, they recommend our Global Talent acquisition program which one of our local chapters, London School of Economics, facilitates. LSE has worked with BMI since 2010.


As you can see, we’re a really lucky group of young people. Many of us go on to work for the very same partners that we bring into the organization. Not only that, but we get to do what we love, make a difference, and work with incredible partners who want to make a difference too. You see, AIESEC serves as a link between the nonprofit/charity, mission-driven world and the typical corporate world that you think of. For both us, and our partners, that’s a breath of fresh air.



PWC/AIESEC Annual Report FY16