Fun ways to save money to go on an exchange this summer!

  As the summer draws near, and you’re saving up to go on your adventures, you’re probably wondering how you can save some money? Here are a few cheap and easy ways to save up a little extra for the holidays!
  1. The 30 Day Rule: got a habit of impulse spending? Found something that makes you want to buy it immediately? Well, the 30-day rule is a way to tone down these costs. Essentially, you wait 30 days before you buy whatever it was that caught your fancy. If you still want it after that time, then you can get it. If your interest drops during the 30 days, then you’ve saved however much money it would have cost!
  2. Bring your friends over instead of a night out: if you’re one to enjoy your friends’ company, then arrange an evening, either at their place or yours, instead of a night in town. Snacks and drinks are usually cheaper from the store than from a bar, and you have more freedom over what to do.
  3. Cook for leftovers: if you enjoy cooking meals, make sure to cook enough for a couple of days’ worth of leftovers. It’ll save you money on meals, and the ingredients will be a little cheaper.
  4. Time your shopping sprees: you know how, whenever it’s a major holiday or something, you see a lot of seasonal products? Those products almost always go on sale soon after the season has passed, for large discounts. It is the best time to buy these kinds of products (e.g., chocolate after Valentine’s).
  5. Brand Loyalty is pricey: when you go to the supermarket, oftentimes, you’ll go for whatever brands you’re familiar with. But, the store-owned/”generic” brands are normally the exact same product, but cheaper.
  6. Trim your subscriptions: if you have a lot of subscriptions you don’t use, just cancel them. It’s easy to sign up for many different services that we just forget about. This might involve a foray into your bank account, which can be a scary thing.
  7. Forgive your past mistakes: the best way to learn from a past mistake (financial or otherwise) is to learn and move on. Sometimes you’ll accidentally overspend on a night out or impulsively buy something. This is ok, as long as you recognize what caused it and think of ways to make a better decision.
And there you have it! Here are a few ways to save money for your holiday experience! Written by Alex McDonald