EverythingBranded.co.uk supports AIESEC with Promotional Products

This semester AIESEC has received 2000 printed pens and balloons from EverythingBranded.co.uk to help spread awareness for our cause at the upcoming Fresher’s Fairs. Promotional products are an excellent way of getting our name out there to generate interest amongst potential volunteers. This is a particularly important time for us as September offers the opportunity to inform people of the work that we do to support students and recent graduates. EverythingBranded.co.uk is a leading promotional products distributor that provides a range of printed items suitable for Fresher’s Fairs. Founded in 2010, the company has grown at a substantial rate, with its USA arm, EverythingBranded.com, soon to open its new office in Las Vegas. Such growth, over their 9 years of trading, has allowed it to work with several non-profit organisations across the UK, helping to promote their works through branded items. These pens will be a welcome addition to our marketing campaign and help to engage our target audience. We will be handing out our printed pens at Fresher’s Fairs up and down the country to help recruit more young persons to our cause. Promotional pens are an excellent marketing tool, especially in the education sector, making them the ideal product for these events. So if you are interested to see how those pens look like and you could really need one at the beginning of your student year, then come and visit us at the Fresher’s Fairs this September. For more information about EverythingBranded.co.uk and their 40,000-strong line up of promotional products, visit their website – www.everythingbranded.co.uk.