Dear Me at the end of 2018

Dear Me at the end of 2018,

2017 is almost over. Another year flew past me and I’m wondering if I am still at the same place I was a year ago. What did I do the past one year that I can be proud of?

AIESEC Bucket List I made myself a promise that I’ll hit the gym everyday – two weeks into 2017 and I was on my couch snacking away whatever I could find.

I made myself a promise that I’ll do more for myself in 2017 – learn a language, attend classes, learn something new every day, read books, cut off the toxicity in my life. And it breaks my heart to realise that even with the best intentions, I somehow feel like I have wasted a lot of time this past year by doing inconsequential things. It breaks my heart that I haven’t gotten one step (or enough steps) ahead in life. In one way or another, I’ve let myself down.

The worst part is – no one’s stopping me. I’m stopping myself. I’m the one holding myself down. I’m the one afraid of standing up for myself. I’m the one not doing what I love.

My bucket list is far too big for me to sit idle at home, which is why I need to make every day count. This is it, 2018.

austin-prock-316062 And so I write this letter to you, my future self, to say…

I promise that I will make more of these days count.

I promise you that when you look at the world map in your bedroom, you will be filled with joy, not regrets. There are 195 countries in the world. There are thousands of languages and cultures I have not yet learned about. But I promise that you will have travelled to more of these place than I have, because when the opportunities arise, my first thoughts will not be ‘I do not have the time’ but instead it will be ‘I will make the time’.

I promise that when you flip through all the photographs in your album, there will be a nostalgic chill running down your spine, as you think of all the unique and beautiful smiles you have seen on people’s faces. Many of these interesting people may come from different cultures and have different perspectives. But each of them will have a story just like you, and I trust that you will have taken the time to read all of them. soragrit-wongsa-311182

I promise that all the stories I hear will move me to the point that I will be compelled to do make a difference. There are 7 billion people on this planet, and by the time you read this, there will be over 8 billion. How many of those lives will I affect? I know, it may all seem too much for me to process, but I can at least start.

I may just be a droplet, but there is an ocean inside of me and I promise that I will use my passion and my strengths to make waves. I understand that every small step I take matters. Which is why I know I can keep moving forward. You see, it’s not enough to just share a cause on Facebook. If I truly believe in something, I have to stand up for it. I have to step outside and actively make a change. If I can do that, I am being a leader. I are already changing the world.

And so I promise, I just promise that the words I am writing here will slowly come to life, one by one, because I will believe in them.

rakicevic-nenad-490348 (1) Dear Me at the end of 2018,

I promise I will make you a priority. I promise I will not let you down.