COVID-19 Update

It has been months since the first case of COVID-19 was brought to the world’s attention in Wuhan, China. Because of this, countries ground to a halt to protect it’s citizens, with some governments handling it better than others. As of 4 June, there are 188 countries and territories and 26 cruise ships affected by this global pandemic. For clarity, all the data included in this update is from June 4, 2020. Worldwide, there have been a total 6,429,453 with 3,027,157 active cases, and sadly, 388,616 deaths. A more positive metric to focus on is the 3,193,973 recoveries we have had, thanks to our many medical professionals working had to take care of them. In the first months of this global pandemic, Mainland China had the most cases and deaths. After 6 months, it is currently 18th in terms of cases with 83,021 cases overall, 4,634 deaths and 78,261 recoveries. The current epicenter is the United States of America with a total of 1,851,530 cases 107,148 deaths and 451,396 recoveries. The second country with the most number of cases is Brazil with 584,016 cases 32,548 deaths and 142,587 recoveries. This is followed by Russia, Spain,  United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Turkey and India round out the top ten most affected countries by the COVID19 outbreak. Our entity’s home country, the United Kingdom is now fourth in the world ranking, with a total 279,856 confirmed cases, 39,728 death and 1,230 recoveries. We hope that many are recovering and are in good health. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has revealed in his latest speech that England’s lockdown restrictions would be eased in the coming weeks after two months of lockdown for Britons. “A kind that we have never seen before in peace or war”. Those were the words of Mr. Johnson regarding these restrictions. From May 13th, people were allowed to have unlimited outdoor exercises, sit in the local park, drive to other destinations and play sports with the members of their own households. Social distancing must still be applied in all these situations. These instructions also apply to Scotland and Wales both as first Ministers Nicola Sturgeon and Mark Drakeford said that the once a day limit on exercise will be removed from Monday, Nothing has been announced in Northern Ireland, although it’s expected to be the same as well. Compared to the last COVID19 blog that we wrote and published, the situation has changed significantly. Most countries are still in some version of a lockdown, however, there are some that are slowly loosening their quarantine measures. Thankfully, the number of recoveries is rising everyday because of all the healthcare workers are the world, and the sacrifice of people everywhere by staying at home, following social distancing guidelines, and wearing face masks. We are hopeful that the situation will improve and we can all work towards creating a better normal than the one we left.                                               References: