Cheap Flights and Where to Find Them

When it comes to booking flights, figuring out where you’re booking the flight can be difficult. Many different websites offer different deals or methods and whatnot, so here’s a quick list of the ones we recommend.
  • If you’re looking for flexibility, skyscanner is the best option. If you’re just wanting to fly somewhere, you can pick “Everywhere” as a destination, and it will provide all of the cheapest flights for the chosen dates.
  • Whilst it’s visually… not the best looking, Exepedia has been around for a while, and it offers a rewards program, if you’re a frequent flyer.
  • If it’s a cheap flight you’re looking for, Kayak is the best one for prices.
  • This website has the smoothest user interface. You can just type “London to Belgrade: or something, and it’ll give you the relevant results.
  • If you know you’ve got a route that will involve multiple cities, Momondo is the best choice. It also has a price tracking function, so that you can see how prices can/have changed.
  • Another well-established booking website, hotwire’s unique advantage in that they have the best package deals, which involves on-the-ground transport and hotel deals. 
Good luck with finding the best deal to make the most of your summer trip! Are you still looking for a destination? Get some inspiration on and find your next big adventure. And for more tips on how to find the cheapest flights click here.