Our world is brimming with perspectives. Everyone seems to be “making a mark” and “quaking their comforts” to discover new heights. The youth, more than ever, is ambitioning to find their own space in it. In today’s age, where even a 10-year-old is occupied in his dilemmas let alone the adults, who are stuck […]

Cheap Flights and Where to Find Them

When it comes to booking flights, figuring out where you’re booking the flight can be difficult. Many different websites offer different deals or methods and whatnot, so here’s a quick list of the ones we recommend. https://www.skyscanner.net/ If you’re looking for flexibility, skyscanner is the best option. If you’re just wanting to fly somewhere, you […]

Five great skills to put in your CV

When it comes to finding that perfect placement, it can be a bother finding what skills to put on your CV. Allow us to help you: here are a few essential skills we think will make your CV that little bit better than the competition! Skill: Public Speaking – the ability to give speeches, talk […]