Books and Podcasts to help you through the lockdown

We are currently staying at home on quarantine and all of a sudden we have a lot of free time that maybe some of us can’t find a way to make the best use of. But don’t worry, these are 6 books and 4 podcasts that will not only keep you entertained and busy during your stay at home but will also benefit you in various ways at the same time.
The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle:
Just like the title implies, in this book, Tolle shows the readers how to live in the present moment. The spiritual journey that the readers will experience throughout this book will enlighten them while revealing the ways the mind can be an enemy to the present. This book is perfect to read if you are interested in spirituality and person growth, especially during this period.
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho:
This is the magical story of an Andualusian boy named Santiago, who is travelling from Spain across the Egyptian desert searching for treasures, where he encounters the alchemist. This story has valuable lessons that can be discovered throughout the journey of Santiago who is following his dream while learning from the signs he finds along his way. It is an exciting book that would satisfy your curiosity and take you on a journey without leaving the comfort of your home.
Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki:
Kiyosaki compares the two father figures he had when growing up. One of which he refers to as “poor dad” who struggled financially throughout his life, and the other “rich dad” whom he presents as a multimillionaire school dropout who has the “financial literacy” that’s never taught in school. The concept Kiyosaki wants to convey through the book is that rich people have money work for them while the poor work for money. This book will challenge your understanding of finances and money through the writer’s perspective of them.
The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert:
In this book, Elizabeth tackles the problem that the environment is facing and especially the extinction of many animal species all in an objective way, while shedding the light on the main causes, which are inflicted by humans. The book is written in a way that awakens your critical thinking and raises your awareness about the importance of preventing further environmental issues.
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen:
For those who prefer novels, this one is a very good one. Austen discusses the norms of the patriarchal English society in the 19th century through the story of Elizabeth Bennet who is in search of true love in a way that contradicts with the social norms of that time. It is an interesting thought provoking novel that has many hidden meaning that will take you on a journey to discover the social classifications and differences of the 19th century England.
Mastery by Robert Green:
This is a perfect book for anyone who is interested in leadership and personal development. Robert Green takes you through practical tips to discover your way to the mastery of your life’s calling. These tips serve to help you recognize your strengths and working on turning them to practical skills.
Impact Theory, hosted by Tom Bilyeu:
The podcast is perfect for young or aspiring entrepreneurs, as the host Tom Bilyeu interviews industry giants and dives deep into their perspectives and their theories behind impact. The goal is often to find tips that anyone can use to develop themselves and take action. In fact, many self-development videos feature clips from Impact Theory.
GreenPlanet BluePlanet, hosted by Julian Guderley:
Environmental issues are one of our major concerns. And in this podcast, just like the name implies, the host interviews guests on different ways to change our lifestyle and our enterprises in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. Topics such as environmental awareness, sustainability and climate action are discussed in this podcast with a call to action for everyone to do their part.
Break the Twitch, hosted by Anthony Ongaro:
“The Twitch” according to the host, Anthony Ongaro is the impulsive and unproductive action, such as impulsive shopping or scrolling through social media. Therefore, Break the Twitch provides tips on how to be more conscious about one’s actions and avoid mindless impulsive reactions and thus adapt productive habits.
The Minimalist Podcast, hosted by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus:
Living a minimalistic life has been linked to having a clear mind and a more serene life. In the Minimalist Podcast, the host talk more about this lifestyle and share different stories and life tips on how to live more and have less.