What I learnt volunteering in Vietnam

Whether it’s crossing the roads of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, trekking the mountains of Sa Pa, or engaging with Vietnamese students, Vietnam is a country that offers excitement and challenges for anyone visiting it. Here are the top 5 things I learnt about Vietnam: 1. Navigating motorbike-infested roads The first things anyone notices about Hanoi’s Old […]

Why is it important to learn Chinese this 2017?

Is Chinese a difficult language to learn? With phonetics and characters that appear far different from Western languages, the Chinese language is most commonly assumed to possess an alien nature that is difficult to grasp. Truth be told, linguists have analysed that the Chinese language only appears more difficult than it really is. The Chinese […]

How international experiences are of benefit

If you are able to gain international experience during your studies at university or before you decide to start your first full time job within your chosen industry, the benefits are life-lasting. The question is, why are so many students and graduates overlooking the opportunity to gain some work experience abroad? Is it fear? Is […]

Learning A Language

Introduction Are you trying to learn a new language? This can be hard to do. Many people struggle with finding the best method to learn a new language. There seem to be so many options.Do you enroll in a class or use an mobile app? Do you try to converse in a language or travel […]

Keep Calm, 2017 is here

After two consecutive long weekends, you probably have recovered from New Year celebrations and hangovers and what not by now! As it kicks in that there’s a new year full of uncertainty, we thought we’ll share with you our top 5 ways to keep calm and make sure you enjoy the new year no matter […]