Better to make something good than to worry about perfection

In one of our previous articles, we mentioned that procrastination can be caused by perfectionism. The worry that whatever you make will not be as good as you want it to be, so you delay out of anxiety. Yes, it is fine to be worried about not being “perfect”. But don’t let that paralyze you into inaction. While you may see every flaw in your work, the one you’re making it for may not. In a stage play, only the actors know if they messed up their lines. But the audience will enjoy it anyway. If you are convinced your work is imperfect, ask your friends to check it. If they find flaws, they may provide feedback, which means you’ll achieve perfection anyway. Perhaps you think about how significant your work will be? It might seem very important when it’s facing you, but in a year’s time (or less!), it may not feel like a “big deal”. If you don’t know how to start, start from the middle, and then write the beginning. You’ll be able to structure your beginning a lot better if you know what you’re introducing. Don’t be afraid of imperfection. Do not be scared into inaction because of your own worries. Sometimes, just doing something is perfection in its own right.