AIESEC Exchange Checklist of Things to Do

So, you’ve been accepted, you’ve paid, and you’re ready to go! But before you go on your merry adventure, here’s a list of things you should ensure you’ve either done or will do in plenty of time, before you head away.  Visas and Work Permits: do you have the necessary documentation? Always remember to […]

Exchange Preparation

You´ve applied, you´ve been accepted. Well done! So, are you ready to go on the exchange now? To facilitate the upcoming procedure, on here I´ve put together a short checklist for everything you have to remember doing before going on the exchange. At the end of the article, you can also find a printable for […]

Happy Earth Day!

  Happy Earth Day, folks! Today we celebrate our beautiful home planet. This year’s Earth Day is all about the protection of our species, no matter if on land or underwater. This Picture is from 2017, and it´s me, casually walking my elephant. Well, not my elephant, to be frank. But it is one of […]