At the Airport – The AIESEC Survival Guide Part 2

  Let’s face it: airports are never fun. Eternal queues, expensive snacks, people everywhere and nowhere comfortable to sit. It’s enough to make anyone go mad! But we’ve got a brief survival guide to help you through the worst of the airport experience.   1. Leave plenty of time  Despite how much we as people dislike waiting around for things, in an airport, it’s better to be waiting around than rushing around because you’re on the verge of being late. Most airports recommend just over an hour before your flight to check your luggage in: we recommend at least 2 hours (maybe more if you’re traveling through Heathrow at peak times). When it comes to boarding, be at the gate well before the allocated time; it’s easier for everyone, but mostly you.   2. Snacks If you’re a frequent flyer, you’re probably very aware of how expensive food at the airport is. For those who aren’t as aware, the food at the airport is Very Expensive. Before you get to the airport, make sure to stock up on snacks. But nothing liquid, that’ll be taken off you when you go through the security gates.   3. Empty Bottles  When you’re flying, its incredibly easy to get dehydrated, especially on long-haul flights. Make sure to have plenty to drink, and the best way to go about this is with a large EMPTY bottle before you get there. Most airports have water fountains to fill up at, and security only cares about the liquid, not the bottle itself.   4. Binbags If you’re brought a lot of snacks, you’ll have a lot of wrappers before you land. To make things easier for yourself and the cabin crew, bring along a disposable bag to store all the packaging in. This can be ignored if the snacks have large bags already; then just use one bag to store the rest.   5. Entertainment  Perhaps the most important thing; you’ll need a way to not die of boredom in an airport. There isn’t much entertainment provided unless your flight has in-flight entertainment. If you’re traveling during daylight hours, bring a book or portable games console or something to keep your mind active during the hours of waiting.   6. Sleeping If you’re taking a night flight (or just want a long nap), bring a neck-support pillow and a facemask when flying, as well as noise-canceling headphones (or earplugs). Sleeping on a flight is a uniquely difficult task, but if you bring/buy the aforementioned items, you should be able to manage some sleep before you land.   And those are the AIESEC tips on how to survive your flight! Feel free to share any other pieces of advice you have to offer on our facebook or Instagram page!