Arriving in a New City – The AIESEC summer survival guide part 3

  In the third of our series of survival guides, we are going to take you through how to “survive” in a new city! It’s a bit simpler compared to an airport, or for the summer heat, but these tips will be very useful in helping you acclimatize to your temporary new home.
  1. Public Transport Ideally, the first thing you do once you’re in and out the airport is to get a map of the public transport systems. This lets you figure out how to get around and decide which methods are most effective. You might also want to consider picking up a bus/railcard, just to prevent the panic of not having any change for the bus.
  2. Padlocks Whilst your accommodation should be secure enough anyway, having a padlock on the bag(s) that have the stuff you’re leaving behind for the day will add a little extra security and peace of mind. It also helps for flying, again for the extra security.
  3. Guided Tours When you’re all settled into your hotel room, it might be wise to find and join a guided tour of the city. Whilst they are mostly aimed at tourists who want to see the sights, you can instead use it to gain your bearings. Be on the lookout for shops, the police station and any other buildings you think might be important, both for daily use and in the case of an emergency.
  4. Anti-homesickness This happens to the best of us. There will be those days where you’ll miss being at home. Or maybe being immersed in the unfamiliar can get a little overwhelming. Because you want to prevent a day or two from being affected by this negativity, try to either have a place where you can unwind (like a park), or make a few friends you can talk to. Worst comes to worst you can call home to your family for encouragement.
  5. A Good Network Perhaps the most important part to “surviving” in a new city, make some friends! Whether it’s from work, or through the Local Committee, or by chance, having more familiar faces can make wherever you go feel more at home. You’ll also have the insider’s perspective on where to go, the best places to eat and whatnot. And in the event things go very wrong, you can have people to back you up and out of a bad situation.
  And those are some tips to surviving in a new city! If you have any other pieces of advice, feel free to share them with us on facebook or instagram!   Photo credit: Andrea Cau, (taken from unsplash)