All I want for Christmas is…

AIESEC UK Chirstmas

All I want for Christmas is…

For many people, the winter holiday season is a period of reflecting upon the past year and visualising the future.

We thus, identify needs and wants, and, under the mistletoe, in lines handwritten on a paper to Santa, out loud or in silence, depending on the space and time… we wish. A quote by the American writer T.S. Eliot says that “Sometimes things become possible if we want them bad enough”.I’m not sure I agree. But because we’re on the topic of willpower, what is that one thing you’re concentrating your willpower on this year?

Christmas AIESEC Millenial For me, a young millennial it is action. See, I grew up as part of a generation with information at the tip of my fingertips and let me tell you that this is a privilege. And all I did was to be born in a space and time where I have constant access to the internet, a good educational system and enough resources to fulfill all my basic needs. Acknowledging this does not allow me to ignore what’s happening around me. Ignorance for me is not bliss.

And let’s get real, knowing that there are places on earth where literacy among youth is less than 50%, knowing that in the year 2017 there are still 21 million victims of forced labour out there, seeing that starving polar bear video trending all over social media these days warning about the impact of climate change just does not let me wish for another iPhone case, fidget spinner, cool gadget this Christmas. And don’t get me wrong, technology is beautiful, smartphones are beautiful, in fact, I was able to tell you all this information above by searching for them on google. It took me 2 minutes.

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It takes 2 minutes to get informed. But the next step is taking action. This is why this year, all I want for Christmas is to use the information, the resources and the privilege I was given to drive action against apathy.

But what are, concretely, the things that I can do? Well, I want to teach where there’s need for teaching or build where there’s need for building or uplift where there’s need for up-lifting. And I want to come back and lead, because from where I stand I can see that there’s a need for leading.

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At the end of the day if action is motion then I want to go out there and do whatever I can. So on a practical note, I can say that all I want for Christmas is plane tickets.

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