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AIESEC is an international youth leadership movement. We provide young people with the change to go on a cultural exchanges, either through volunteering or an internship.
To run this entity in Aberdeen, we need your talent. We’re looking for motivated students with interest for sales, marketing and a hint of professionalism.
Meet us at our info sessions:
12th of Sep: 5pm A19 Taylor
13th of Sep: 5pm A36 Taylor
15th of Sep: 5pm A36 Taylor
16th of Sep: 5pm A36 Taylor

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Application deadline: 17th of September

Global Volunteer is a 6-8 week volunteering programme in one of 120+ countries where AIESEC is represented

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We offer programmes in 5 different issues:


Depending on the location of your experience, you may work with university students to improve their English, teach children and adults basic mathematics, science and computer skills, as well as deliver workshops in public-speaking, team management,entrepreneurship and leadership skills.


Work with non-governmental organisations and get involved in a range of activities including social media management, event planning and promotion, networking, fundraising and recruitment of volunteers.


Learn about the culture, traditions and people of your host country, travel popular tourist destinations and create promotional materials such as blogs, websites, videos or movies in order to enhance the international image of the country. Organise cultural events for the public to share your culture and traditions. Design workshops and presentations on your native country and its cultural heritage.


Create an environmental issue awareness campaign about the importance of these issues. Work with different NGOs to help them to launch initiatives aimed at educating the local society. Also give constructive feedback to other organisations on how to improve their waste management.


Organise awareness campaigns about the risks and consequences of different diseases. Workin rural communities, orphanages and schools to learn about the causes of diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS and how they can be prevented. You will also organise conferences and workshops on various topics and work with other health departments and universities to create awareness of the danger of these diseases amongst the public.