7 Ways to Keep a Happy Working Environment

Going back a few decades in History, the workplace was not about being happy – it was about bringing results. The funny thing is they are connected: happy workers are productive workers. The success of a company starts from the inside – the internal customers are the first ones to engage with the company, right? And these are your employees. If you are one of the many to struggle with employees’ disconnection or unhappiness, these 7 ways will certainly help you keep a happy working environment.

AIESEC Vision Have a clear vision and purpose Employees need to understand what is expected in the future and why their work is important for it. If they are able to see that what they do is relevant for the company’s goals and future, engagement and happiness will be higher. A good example here is Corporate Social Responsibility. Knowing that they are contributing to something bigger that really matters, such as a charity or environmental causes, helps with a happier working environment.

AIESEC Thank You Don’t be afraid to say “thank you” Small actions have great impact. Sometimes the work of an employee may seem quite irrelevant in the big picture, but a lot of small pieces create the puzzle. Appreciating an employee for a fulfilled task or simply saying “thank you” can significantly improve the working environment and the employer-employee relationship.

AIESEC Empower Empower your employees Empowerment is very “in” nowadays. But for a reason! Including employees in decision making and empowering them to take charge brings engagement with the company and happiness in the workplace. Besides, giving them ownership over their tasks results in higher productivity and quality of the final product.

AIESEC Wellness Promote wellness Wellness is key in the workplace. Both physically and mentally. Rested and healthy employees are happier and more productive. This can be achieved in many different ways: an office gym, longer/more frequent vacation or simply a flexible work schedule. Just try it out and see what fits your company best!

AIESEC Transparent Be transparent and communicate openly Besides having a clear vision and purpose, as mentioned above, your employees should be aware of the big picture. Knowing what is going on in your company (yes, also the “bad stuff”) and communicating openly with company members – this includes frequent feedback – builds trust. And a trustworthy working environment is closer to a happy working environment.

AIESEC Development Support your employees’ development Co-creating a personal development plan with your employees can be very helpful. This should include a career path, but also personal goals outside work – work and life balance is key! Reviewing it together and finding ways to achieve the goals makes them feel appreciated for who they are as individuals, contributing to a happy working environment.

AIESEC Fun Have fun “Fun does not belong in the workplace”, said some boring boss. Fun is seriously underrated as a tool to make employees more productive. Games, challenges or just non-formal gatherings bring people closer. And feeling that you truly belong in your workplace leads to a happy working environment.

Happy workplaces are the key to productivity. If employees are happy they feel encouraged to collaborate, they are more creative, engaged, and willing to give their best to the company. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?