7 Things You Only Live in AIESEC



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Imagine being greeted to every meeting with this chorus. Energising, isn’t it? And that is exactly what AIESEC is all about.

An energising and upbeat culture unmatched anywhere else After a long day of lectures and tutorials, all you want to do is have a long six-hour nap before your actual sleep. But walking into an AIESEC meeting at 6 pm is your weekly caffeine – it inspires, motivates and excites you to make the most of the day you have left. Believe me, as a student you need this energy. AIESEC Network Connection to the largest youth network in the world If being an AIESECer means being full of energy, who provides this passion? Of course, it is the bright young stars all over the globe that make us who we are now: the largest youth network in the world, with over 70,000 members in 126 countries. As an AIESECer, you are part of an incredibly dynamic community where you meet students that you can relate to and be influenced by. These young individuals that you meet make a difference to your life by inspiring and supporting you. The best part is they will come not only from your university but also around the world! AIESEC Diverisy Exposure to people of different cultures The more variety of people we meet, the more our world expands. Being an AIESECer is about coming together from vastly different backgrounds and providing each other with the knowledge, wisdom, and stories that you would not have if you stayed in your bubble. You make friends with those that you would not expect to and you keep them for a lifetime. No matter which country you come from, the one thing you all have in common is AIESEC and that is a powerful bond to have. AIESEC Conference Being part of conferences that motivate you Every year, there are hundreds of conferences all around the world; national and international. Ask any seasoned AIESECer and they will tell you that this is where the magic happens. My most memorable conference experience happened in Nottingham. We were asked to write down our personal goals for the next week along with our contact detail, make a paper airplane out of them and fly it across the room. Whoever receives it has the responsibility of holding you accountable for the goals you wrote down. Needless to say, what happens in conferences have a long-lasting impact on you outside your life. AIESEC Purpose Being part of a purpose far bigger than yourself AIESEC has a powerful mission statement: peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential. Wow. The words alone are enough to make you think what a massive goal we have brought upon ourselves to complete. The more you carry this statement of purpose around with you, the more meaning you give to the activities that you take part in and the more you learn to appreciate the bigger picture. Little actions have larger consequences, and nowhere do you feel it more than you do at AIESEC. AIESEC Skills Developing yourself – the fun way! As university students, we are always encouraged to develop soft skills by taking part in extracurricular activities. While this may be a burden on top of your degree, AIESEC makes the whole process of developing yourself very friendly and informal – so whatever you do does not just seem like ticking a box in your CV but actually adding to your quiver of life experiences. AIESEC Developmewnt The chance to write your unique leadership story When in AIESEC, you will have exposure to a myriad of opportunities and you will keep getting the chances to take risks in your journey.There is just so much you can do! In your local committee, you can learn to be a marketer, a networker, a project manager and a team leader. You have the chance to make an impact nationally by organizing national conferences catering to hundreds, delivering training sessions and even becoming a blogger (like me!)

The possibilities are endless! Throughout your leadership story, you go through many chapters and the experiences you have with others shape you as a person. Because so much happens in your story, it generates some poignant and fascinating memories that you just have to talk about with your friends.

The beauty of it all is that all the unique things you can only live in an AIESEC experience makes you proud of calling yourself an AIESECer.