5 Reasons Why You Should Travel The World While You’re Young!

We often live most of our lives in a self-created bubble which hinders our ability to understand and dwindles the courage to experience change, in the truest sense. As the generation of young, wild, and free individuals, how long do you want to stay stuck behind your laptop screen, merely scrolling through the different aspects of wanderlust? It’s not the foreign destination you’re missing out on, its the fresh perspective, and the journey of finding yourself.

Still confused about travelling abroad? We’ve got you covered.

Confidence A boost of Confidence!

Whether you’re a kid always buried in books and music, or an extrovert at heart, or both, conquering perilous peaks and discovering the roads as you go, is going to give you the confidence you cannot compensate for with any other experience. You’ll realise how the only thing you need to get by, is you.

Humility A wave of Humility!

Unless and until you step out of your glass bottle of solely your own opinions and your life, you will never truly be aware of the world that you exist in. Taking a step out of your comfort zone bursts that bubble, and teaches you how to let go of several futile things, focusing on aspects that really do make a difference.

Culture A Splash of Culture!

Yes, you’re going to experience different traditions, food items, and multiple tiny aspects of what make up the entire culture of a country, but the best way you’re going to experience this is via the diverse people you meet along your journey, from solo backpackers to local families, each offering a unique memory to enrich your experience in the truest sense.

Empowerment The Intent for Empowerment!

Taking a journey all by yourself is not only humbling, it’s empowering. It’s the time every impossible item you ever thought about, seems possible. Ever fear, and apprehension fades into insignificance when you’re on a road to discovering yourself, because a big part of it is overcoming everything you were ever scared of. So eat as many insects as you want, jump off cliffs, drive on mountains, or take a walk on an unknown road. The world is all yours to explore.

Empathy A Dash of Empathy!

While you’re out there learning a whole new global perspective, the realisation of how much you tend to take for granted truly kicks in. All the words you read about poverty, war, education and a myriad of other social issues, are translated into a reality you witness with your very own eyes, an experience which compels you to give back, make this world more sustainable for every being.

5 Reasons Your Should Travel While Young You’ve put off your bucket list solo trip to be more responsible, hard-working and stable, and build the life that you were taught to live, but ten years down the line, those aren’t the memories you would look back on. Take every opportunity that comes your way, and be the storyteller with those tangible memories that will impart new vigour that your mind always needed.

Where can you start your road to self-discovery?

With us, at AIESEC and not only become a part of a global community that lets you experience a blend of different cultures but also compels to you to become a more responsible world citizen towards a sustainable environment via the Global Volunteer projects.

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