Our world is brimming with perspectives. Everyone seems to be “making a mark” and “quaking their comforts” to discover new heights. The youth, more than ever, is ambitioning to find their own space in it. In today’s age, where even a 10-year-old is occupied in his dilemmas let alone the adults, who are stuck in their vicious hypothetical webs, we cannot help but feel optimistic to see the commitment of such young people, in bringing up a better world, a better leader in a man. Well, Hello there! Welcome to AIESEC. It is the largest youth-run organization in the whole wide world; present in 121 countries and recognized by the United Nations, it holds a facile vision: peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential. It is an organization, jammed with passion, culture, empathy, and perspective; likewise, with crazy people who wish to change the world, by putting their odds in the bigger issues of education and hunger, wildlife and environment, moreover, spreading peace across the continents. Yes, The World rightly is brimming with perspectives, but it assuredly has space for one more; yours, for example! One of the thriving character traits of this generation is the peculiar drive to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, to unleash the leader within. Joining AIESEC, you are overwhelmed with the diversity- in culture, in people, in perceptions. Every day you are challenged to step out of your dreaded comfort zone and blossom in ways you never thought you could. You are first encouraged, to explore the limits of your potential and leave no room to challenge it. Be it for leading a team, handling a project, fostering a department or implementing ideas that no one has ever thought of before. And then, you are made to realize you ostensibly don’t have any limits to your potential, most magnificently. Amid this empowering journey, you find yourself mastering the art of public speaking, the skill of managing people, the science of finances, the tact of marketing, all while having fun and making memories. Eventually, you come out as someone open to opinions which aren’t similar to yours, who is ready to conform to diverse circumstances, who is professionally confident and ready to take over the world! So, make a move. Take that first step and give yourself a chance: AIESEC is recruiting and we are looking out for you, with open arms and warm smiles.