Be a leader and
travel the world.

With a network of 126 countries and over 20,000 international internships each year, AIESEC offers more than an international experience. AIESEC offers you the most intense learning experience by living and working in a foreign country, nurturing your passions.

What would you like to do?

Know what you want to do but unsure where to go? Choose a programme below.


Where would
you like to go?

Gain professional development through teaching and other professional opportunities.


    Be a leader

    Learn how to lead a team, manage large projects and run a local or national organisation along with people all over the world!



    Get to know a group of students who are as passionate about global issues as you are. Our intense team-based learning experience connects like-minded students through challenging real-world experiences.


    Start your team experience form the day you join AIESEC. Work to solve real problems in real companies through our corporate sales team, provide meaningful experiences for your peers through our student sales team, or drive AIESEC forward through our finance and marketing teams.


    In AIESEC, nothing we do is without a cause. Join our organisation to impact young people who will impact the world. Every experience you undertake and provide for your peers is designed to enhance Gen Y’s ability to be solution-oriented and globally aware leaders.


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    Molly Cross

    Molly is a member of AIESEC UK and has a number of tasks to fulfill each week.

    • Monday

      Monday meet-up, 1:00 PM

      I tend to meet up with AIESEC friends on Mondays to get my week started. We hang out and catch up after the weekends over lunch.


    • Tuesday

      Committee Meeting, 6:30 PM

      After classes finish for the day, we come together in our local committee


    • Wednesday

      Practicing new skills, 2:00 PM

      Throughout the week, I use the skills I’ve learned by doing work for my functional team. I work to send other students abroad, but my friends also get to meet with local companies, train our local committee or create marketing materials.

    • Thursday

      Team Check-in, 4:00 PM

      Each Thursday, my team comes together to discuss our progress with sending students abroad. We use these meetings to define the impact we make on the exchanges we provide.

    • Friday

      Time to relax, 5:00 PM

      After a week of university work and AIESEC check-ins, my AIESEC friends and I come back together to relax, catch up, and make plans for the weekend.