Hire leaders
not just people

AIESEC develops responsible global leaders by delivering a practical, self-led learning experience to any student who has the drive to reach out for it.


Discover Talent

As an organisation, we offer our partners HR Solutions, CSR Solutions and Youth Marketing Solutions second to none in the student space. We offer a number of solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Access Domestic Talent

Each year over 5,000 companies around the world trust AIESEC to provide high calibre, international student and graduate interns.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Solutions

We host a number of conferences and meet-ups where businesses can connect and collaborate with students across the globe.

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Youth Marketing

Through surveys, events and focus groups we enable businesses to learn about youth markets to help them shape their products and messaging.

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Discover Talent

Each year AIESEC UK receives interest from over 10,000 students to become committee members within our 22 local committees in the UK. Those students are then whittled down through an application process until we have the 1,000 highest potential students on campus represent and progress the organisation.

Why source interns from AIESEC?


Our Student Network

We can connect your company to a global talent pool of over 100,000 bright young people.


International Skills

Our interns bring language skills and regional insight to help you build your business in new territories.


Creative Approach

AIESECers have well-established facilitation, problem-solving and communication skills.


Business Acumen

Many of our interns are familiar with office life and quickly add value, having already taken a role within the AIESEC team.


Motivated To Learn

Our teams learn the value of continuous personal development and bring with them a natural desire to learn.


Developing Responsible,
Global Leaders

In the 21st Century, society will depend more than ever on having responsible global leaders driving positive change. Supporting our core programmes gives any organisation the chance to contribute to sustainability in the most responsible way!


Corporate Partners


Professional Placements




Youth Insight

Our members represent, by nature, the most influential single group of consumers across the 20 top universities we operate out of. What’s more they’re all hugely ambitious and so will be high-worth clients for a while to come.

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