You were part of AIESEC for the community, the challenges, the points for self reflection and the opportunities it presented.

Well, as an alumni it's possible to keep getting all of this, even if it might present itself in a different way.

The current generation of AIESEC members are determined to reunite AIESECers from across the generations in the hopes of maintaining pressure on the world to change for the better. We will commit to providing you with a space to get together again.

You've had your call action, you decide what to do with it!

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Profiling the amazing AIESEC Alumni community
Laura Mercurio. DIRECTOR at MERCURIO CONSULTING LTD AIESEC Member Daniel Vaverka. Course Facilitator at LingvEd AIESEC Member Katharine Bourke. Growth Manager at GrowthAccelerator AIESEC Member Daniel Royles. Business Development Intern at Agilent Technologies AIESEC Member Michał Mike Nowak. Director (Head of Sales Programmes - B2C & SOHO) at Orange AIESEC Member Natalia Sycheva. Business Consultant / Project Manager (Financial Services) at Brandeis International Consulting Club AIESEC Member Anna Rose Barker. Vice President at AIESEC UK AIESEC Member Sebastien L. UK National President at AIESEC AIESEC Member Simon Morgenroth. Account Manager at Kantar Worldpanel AIESEC Member Michael Omescu. President at AIESEC Romania AIESEC Member Harman Singh. Business Development Manager at Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) AIESEC Member Vivienne Weiran Li. Film Director/Founder at Viv Li Productions AIESEC Member Marcelo Costa. Project Manager - Pensions at DHL Supply Chain AIESEC Member souad agoun. Stage de fin d'études at Telnet AIESEC Member Alex Cabon. International Business Center: France and Brazil Desks Manager at PwC AIESEC Member Naomi Kibble. Co-Founder and Marketing Director at Frozen ROCKTAILS AIESEC Member Alex Cabon. International Business Center: France and Brazil Desks Manager at PwC AIESEC Member Shnay Chohan. National President at AIESEC New Zealand AIESEC Member Zhuohang (Michelle) He. Summer Analyst at Morgan Stanley AIESEC Member Simon Spier. Senior Advisor at Trade & Economic Affairs, Embassy of Israel, London AIESEC Member Karen Jiang. Purchasing Officer at Llexeter AIESEC Member Giedre Raiceviciute. Independent Living Assistant at Self employed AIESEC Member Neha Georgie. Economist at PwC AIESEC Member Albin Bánkúti. Senior Associate at Caissa Ltd AIESEC Member Rahul Choudhary. Project Manager at Kentoplan Ltd AIESEC Member Pranay Manocha. Senior Developer at Direct Line Group AIESEC Member Hugo Pereira. Marketing & Communications Manager at D-Sight AIESEC Member Neil Joubert. Senior Insight Analyst at Reach Contact (Nestlé Confectionery) AIESEC Member

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“Informal learning” outside the classroom is key to clinching a good first job

For today’s students, acquiring the skills and knowledge to operate in a global economy is vital. Classroom learning is no longer sufficient preparation for most professions.

1 year ago
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