You were part of AIESEC for the community, the challenges, the points for self reflection and the opportunities it presented.

Well, as an alumni it's possible to keep getting all of this, even if it might present itself in a different way.

The current generation of AIESEC members are determined to reunite AIESECers from across the generations in the hopes of maintaining pressure on the world to change for the better. We will commit to providing you with a space to get together again.

You've had your call action, you decide what to do with it!

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Profiling the amazing AIESEC Alumni community
Wei Jie See. Associate Analyst at Bank Negara Malaysia AIESEC Member Abhijeet Roy. Senior Account Manager at BMS Sales Specialists LLP AIESEC Member Katharine Bourke. Growth Manager at GrowthAccelerator AIESEC Member Neha Georgie. Economist at PwC AIESEC Member Hortense Pathe. International Marketing Coordinator at ESECAV AIESEC Member William Harris. Director of Business Development at Youth Marketing Strategy AIESEC Member Russell Berry. Vice President for Business Development at AIESEC Qatar AIESEC Member Gabor Marko. Senior Consultant at Deloitte AIESEC Member Zhuohang (Michelle) He. Summer Analyst at Morgan Stanley AIESEC Member Patrick T. Hoffman. Consultant at Social Bicycles AIESEC Member Patrick Lin. Private Equity Intern at C5 Capital AIESEC Member Michael S. Partner at McKinsey & Company AIESEC Member Alexandra Spencer. Inpatient Unit Volunteer at St John's Hospice AIESEC Member Jeewaka Hasintha Hingurangala. Project Manager at World Kaihatzu Kogyo AIESEC Member Ben Rigby. Experienced Member at AIESEC AIESEC Member Simon Morgenroth. Account Manager at Kantar Worldpanel AIESEC Member Resh Patel. Managing Consultant at Capgemini Consulting AIESEC Member Jack Warren. Associate Head of Research in Bioenergy & Renewable Waste at FC Business Intelligence AIESEC Member Jonathan Fren. CTO at PowerMeeter AIESEC Member Kunal Banthia. Business Angel at Avenue AIESEC Member Bruna Fontes. Intern at ROCK YOUR LIFE! gGmbH AIESEC Member Sebastian Trenckmann. Vice President OGX (Marketing and Customer Service) at AIESEC City AIESEC Member Chris Hearle. Technical Advisor at SBK Research and Development AIESEC Member Martin M. Chief Insurance Risk Officer at Chartis AIESEC Member Steve Sparrow. Vice President at AIESEC International AIESEC Member Sebastien L. UK National President at AIESEC AIESEC Member Karsen Cheung. Consulting Intern at Bain & Company AIESEC Member Ciprian Arhire Assoc CIPD. Customer Service and Logistics Manager at Zen Bedrooms LTD AIESEC Member

The Alumni Magazine

“Informal learning” outside the classroom is key to clinching a good first job

For today’s students, acquiring the skills and knowledge to operate in a global economy is vital. Classroom learning is no longer sufficient preparation for most professions.

2 years ago
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