You were part of AIESEC for the community, the challenges, the points for self reflection and the opportunities it presented.

Well, as an alumni it's possible to keep getting all of this, even if it might present itself in a different way.

The current generation of AIESEC members are determined to reunite AIESECers from across the generations in the hopes of maintaining pressure on the world to change for the better. We will commit to providing you with a space to get together again.

You've had your call action, you decide what to do with it!

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Profiling the amazing AIESEC Alumni community
Cristina Baraganescu. Intern Political Section at British Embassy AIESEC Member Afroditi Panagoulea. Member of Marketing Conference 2013 Committee at Marketing Association Erasmus University Rotterdam AIESEC Member James Coffey. Leader of Energy Concepts at TelecityGroup AIESEC Member Shnay Chohan. National President at AIESEC New Zealand AIESEC Member Edward To. Administrative Officer at HK Government AIESEC Member Laura Mercurio. DIRECTOR at MERCURIO CONSULTING LTD AIESEC Member Matthew Shadwick. Project Administrator at Effective Energy AIESEC Member Quentin RICHARD. Partner at Piola AIESEC Member Aneesha Malik. Candidate Selections Co-ordinator at QS AIESEC Member Bozhidar Ivanov. Senior Manager (Restaurant and Cocktail Bar ) at North Beach Hotel Bulgaria AIESEC Member Chris P. Chief Executive at Incerts AIESEC Member Michael Brenner. Technology Consultant at IBM United Kingdom Ltd AIESEC Member Siobhan Edmund. Project Support at Northampton Borough Council AIESEC Member Stephen H. Recruitment Manager at Huntswood AIESEC Member Adrian Brink. Vice President Talent Management at AIESEC City AIESEC Member Fadoua Amrani. Business Development Director - Region Surrey & Sussex at Smart PA Group AIESEC Member Ioana Alina Andone. Web & Software Developer at Barclays AIESEC Member Nichola Buckley. Public & Government Affairs Communications Adviser at ExxonMobil AIESEC Member Bruna Fontes. Intern at ROCK YOUR LIFE! gGmbH AIESEC Member J. Manuel Magaña Arias. Business Analyst at PwC AIESEC Member Harman Singh. Business Development Manager at Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) AIESEC Member Chandni Kaneria. Summer Intern at HSBC Asset Management AIESEC Member Rachel Zhou. Student at Cranfield University School of Management AIESEC Member Azalea Mukhamedova. Research project manager at Profi Online Research AIESEC Member Marcus Orlovsky. Director at Bryanston Square AIESEC Member Simina Cristina Ilea. Digital Marketing Specialist at Wolters Kluwer AIESEC Member Philippe Armbruster. Director at Balaster GmbH AIESEC Member G. Ali Talpur. Supply Chain Manager at EnQuest AIESEC Member

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“Informal learning” outside the classroom is key to clinching a good first job

For today’s students, acquiring the skills and knowledge to operate in a global economy is vital. Classroom learning is no longer sufficient preparation for most professions.

2 years ago
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